Pull & shear test (Dage 4000)

Pull test Shear test


The Dage 4000 bonds tester is a compact flexible semi-automatic tool that performs a wire pull test and a shear test on electronic components.


  • Test type: wire pull, shear and tweezers test according to MIL-STD-883G
  • Cartridge type: WP100, BS250, BS5KG, DS100KG and Tweezers
  • Shear range: from 0 to 100 kg
  • Wire pull range: from 0 to 100 g on wires from 18 to 75 μm
  • X, Y and Z motorized axis
  • Operating mode: manual and semi-automatic
  • Automatic report generator and data storage.


The bond tester performs semiautomatic wire pull, shear and tweezers test on electronic components and micro-assembly.

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Last update on November 29, 2017