3D Printer Cubify

3D Printer Cubify


The CubePro Trio printer from Cubify is a fully automatic triple-head desktop 3D printer for rapid prototyping of complex geometry 3D objects in thermoplastic material.


  • Material: PLA, ABS and Soluble Clear translucent PLA
  • Max build size: X, Y, Z = 285, 230, 270 mm
  • Print tolerance X and Y axis: ±1% of object dimension or ±0.2 mm whichever is greater
  • Z axis resolution: 0.100 mm
  • Print tolerance Z axis: half the processed Z axis resolution
  • Maximum operating temperature (at extruder tip): 280°C
  • Inputs: CAD drawings.


The machine performs printing of complex 3D shape objects in a quick and cost effective way. Because of good electrical and mechanical properties of printed thermoplastics the prototype can served as electronic package and housing for electronic systems.

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Last update on November 29, 2017