Probe station

Probe station


The Probe station is devoted to access fine electrical contacts to measure electrical signals from an IC, MEMS, microsystems, electronic components and etc. for electrical characterization.


  • Up to 6 probes measurement
  • Probe tips: tungsten, straight, 25 micron
  • Manual positioner:
    • Resolution: 5 μm
    • Travel range (X / Y / Z): 8 mm / 6 mm / 25 mm
    • Screw resolution (X / Y / Z): 350 μm / 500 μm / 1000 μm
    • Mounting vacuum, magnetic
  • Electrical connection guarded
  • Optical microscope.


The probe station can be use to power an IC or a circuit to check the signal outputs. This tool also allows to characterize tiny components such as a resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode etc. The measurement can be done using up to 6 points measurement.

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Last update on November 29, 2017