Pico-liter fluid dispenser

Pico-liter fluid dispenser


The SonoPlot GIX Microplotter Desktop is a benchtop picoliter fluid dispensing system for the microarray and polymer electronics markets. In addition to spots, the GIX Microplotter Desktop can draw true continuous features, such as lines, arcs and bends.


  • Dispensing of a wide range of materials, including nanometallic inks (silver, gold, copper, etc.), carbon nanotubes, graphene, conductive and insulating polymer solutions, biological solutions (proteins containing, oligonucleotides and genomic DNA)
  • Dispensing of the materials on any planar surface, rigid and flexible materials including silicon, glass, quartz, stainless steel and a wide range of polymers
  • Positioning accuracy: 20 μm (X and Y) and 8 μm (Z)
  • Material viscosity range: < 450 cP (including water and thin aqueous solutions)
  • Deposition volume: > 1.8 pL
  • Work stage: 38 x 29 cm² (X and Y), up to 5 cm height (Z)
  • Digital video capture


  • Pico-range dispensing
  • MEMS and microsystems
  • Dispensing bio-material
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Last update on January 15, 2021