Polisher and Grinder

Polisher & Grinder


The Saphir 320 is a single wheel polisher and grinder for working wheels up to 250 mm diameter.


  • Working wheel: 200 and 250 mm diameter
  • Speed: 50-600 rpm
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Material: silicon, ceramic, FR4, plastic, epoxy, metals, etc.


The Saphir 320 polisher and grinder performs cross-sectioning, top and back side polishing of microelectronic component and it can be used for destructive failure analyses. The method is used to detect latent failures in wire-bonded, flip-chipped interconnects, voids in solder joints and underfill, encapsulant and die attach adhesive, etc.

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Last update on January 15, 2021