Vacuum mixer

Vacuum mixer


The mixer Zhermack is most advanced and state of the art vacuum mixer.


  • Even and bubble-free mixture guaranteed
  • Multifunction software and electronic vacuum control
  • Oil free vacuum pump
  • Maximum vacuum level: over 700 mmHg
  • Double dust filter in the vacuum circuit
  • Bowls of 200 and 500 cc (and up to 1000 cc) capacity each with their universal mixing spatula
  • Bowls with rounded corners
  • Magnetic sensor for bowl detection
  • Easy to clean


Typical fields of application include R&D, prototyping and low-volume mixing of any mixable products for even and bubble-free mixture. Typical example of such materials used in microelectronics are 2 components epoxies, 2 components silicon based adhesives, glob-tops and encapsulants, PDMS, including biocompatible ones.

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Last update on January 15, 2021