The DISCO DAD-341 Dicing Saw (Dicer) is an automatic system for singulation wafers, carriers, PCB and substrates on the individual dies and segments.


  • Fully automatic PC controlled system
  • Dicing area: 200 mm (8") diameter
  • Dicing thickness range: 10 μm to 2 mm
  • Spindle output power: 1000 W
  • Spindle rotation speed: 3.000-60.000 rpm
  • Feed speed: 0.1 mm/s-400 mm/s
  • Dicing street width, depends on the dicing blade thickness, compatible with 10 µm thick blades
  • Optical height sensor includes non-contact setup option
  • Automatic vision system and inspection camera
  • Auto alignment
  • Suitable to cut any substrate and carrier made up of any material used in microelectronic as Si, glass, ceramic, GaAs, PCB, etc.
  • Cleanroom compatible to class 10,000 (ISO7)
  • Equipped with ESD protection
  • Applicable for 2" diameter hub type and M-flange type blade.


The DISCO DAD-341 Dicer is an automatic system suitable for

  • singulation wafers, carriers, PCB, substrates and etc. regular and/or irregular shape up to 8" (300 mm) diameter on the individual dies and segments
  • singulation multi-project wafers
  • cutting any materials used in microelectronic, as following Si, glass, ceramic, GaAs, PCB, plastic, laminates and others
  • cut through and grooving mentioned above materials.
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Last update on January 15, 2021