Flip chip bonder



Flip Chip bonder PP5 is a semi-automatic tool for accurate mounting semiconductors components on all types of substrate.


  • Placement of component of lateral dimensions of 250 μm an larger up to 10x10 mm²
  • Thermo-compression flip-chip bonding (maximum force of 5 kg)
  • Rework option
  • Patterning recognition software
  • Ejection of the die from diced wafer, picking and mounting
  • Adhesive and solder automatic dispensing
  • X, Y and Z motorized table and head rotation
  • Operating mode: manual and semi-automatic
  • Placement accuracy: ±5 μm.


The Flip Chip bonder PP5 performs flip chip bonding of electronic components such as SMD, bare die, BGA and micro BGA.

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Last update on January 15, 2021